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Attack detection, vulnerability management, penetration testing and more — reliably securing your IT infrastructure.

#testenfürdenwinter - 30% günstiger!

Wir reduzieren ab sofort die Preise unserer Penetrationstests und Schwachstellenanalysen um 30% für alle Unternehmen und Organisationen, die täglich unsere überlebenswichtige Infrastruktur in Deutschland am Leben halten.

Our solutions

Comprehensive IT security solutions for prevention, detection and response – all from a single source.


Do you have visibility of your attack surface? We detect vulnerabilities in your IT environment before attackers do.


Not all attacks can be prevented. But, timely detection is mission critical.
We enable rapid detection and response before disaster strikes.


Analysing a potentially compromised system? Accelerate a forensic expert’s or CERT team’s work with the help of our solution.

Our mission and vision

There is no such thing as absolute security. But, our services and solutions enable you to substantially improve the resilience of your IT infrastructure and the business processes that depend on it.

Trovent supports you and your team with proven cyber security solutions that are tailored to your business, system infrastructure and processes.


Trovent Security GmbH is certified in accordance with DIN ISO/IEC 27001. The certification comprises the entire organisation and its service portfolio.

What our clients say about us

Our daily work: Improving the resilience of our customers’ vital IT infrastructure and preventing successful attacks.


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